Business Profile

Formica Bakery legacy began in 1919 when Francesco and Rosa Formica opened Formica's, in Atlantic City, NJ bringing their legendary hand-crafted bread from Italy.

Formica’s handcrafts and bakes over 100 different types of bread daily utilizing a variety of doughs which provides us with the flexibility to customize our bread to meet the exact specifications provided to us by our customers. Our products have no preservatives and are made with only the freshest of ingredients. The legendary quality of Formica’s bread comes from the recipe of “time”. Bread is a living thing it tells us when it is ready to go into the oven, and to ensure that the bread is service ready fresh we delivery to many of our customers twice a day.

We are proud to be partnering with over 200 corporate accounts in Southern New Jersey. Formica’s bread can be found in a variety of sub shops, restaurants, retail outlets.

Formica Bakery prides itself on differentiating ourselves through quality and consistency, meeting the specific needs of our customer’s one loaf at a time.