The Formica Bakery legacy began in 1919 when Francesco Formica opened the bakery with his wife Rosa bringing his legendary hand-crafted loaves of bread to Atlantic City from Italy.

In 1928 Francesco moved the bakery to its current location (2310 Arctic Avenue), building a state of the art brick oven that the family kept burning continuously until 1988. During the depression in true Italian tradition, Rosa invited the neighborhood women to bake in the ovens since the coal ovens had to be kept burning.

Business took off during World War II when soldiers who traveled through Atlantic City made the “sub” marine sandwich popular thereby increasing the demand for great Italian bread. After the war Mario, Frank and Dominic “Tar” Formica took over the business from their father and in 1987 Frank D. Formica, Mario’s son purchased the business from his uncles.

Today Formica's continues to make the hand-crafted Italian bread with the same basic recipe that his grandfather used … yeast, flour, salt, and local water. The secret is in the water that comes from below the New Jersey Pinelands (Kirkwood-Cohansey Aquifer System). The aquifer contains over 17-trillion gallons of some of the purest drinking water in the world. The cedar trees indigenous to the Pinelands keep the water slightly acidic which allows the bakery to add more flour. This along with the yeast gives Formica Bakery bread its unique flavor and body.

Today the company produces over 25,000 loaves of bread a day for over 200 corporate accounts, including local casinos, grocery stores and restaurants in Southern New Jersey.

In 2006, the original retail shop was transformed into a state of the art Wi-Fi enabled Café with outdoor seating (open daily 7 am – 7 pm) serving Seattle’s Best coffee, cannolis, biscotti, tomato pie, and fresh Artisan bread. On Saturday nights (7pm-10pm) the café features live music.

Formica Bakery prides itself on differentiating itself through its attention to quality and meeting the specific needs of all of its customer’s one loaf at a time.